Wednesday, April 14, 2010

headbands, bow and wips

So I have been crocheting here and there It just seems that it is tough to find time unless i stay up all night to do it. and by IT i mean crochet or knit.. Ive been practicing my knitting.. I wanted to learn to knit just to learn to make socks.. I love hand knit socks.. yes i know i can crochet them to..but i want to KNIT THEM!!! ok anyways I've been making a few head bands and bows for my girls.. I really enjoy designing these and they work up quick.. I like instant gratification.(this is one reason i hated knitting.. I can crochet so much faster) so here are some pics of the things ive finished since my last post and created as well.. ENJOY..

this is a design by Joyce Bragg and in the May 2010 Issue of Crochet! Magazine