Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pattern and Idea Thiefs

So here is a question for all out in BLOG land.. Have you ever felt like maybe someone has visited your blog and JACKED your idea or pattern and then tried to pass it off as their own.. I feel as this has happened to me recently on two occasions by the SAME person.Now maybe its my fault i have such AWESOME ideas but hell they are MINE!!! so what is proper etiquette to approach this situation other than beating their ass..??? CAn some one please let me know.. thanks


  1. Mistie people really suck sometimes. All that matters is you know they where your creative ideas. That person knows they are a cheat and a liar so, if that is how they get by in life the only thing you can do is have empathy for that very sad person. Hey if it makes you feel better leave a comment on the person blog just do it with class so they cannot accuse you of being threatening, violent or crazy...hey does that say crazy crochet chic over your family

    You may want to shoten up your text under your photo and write:Copyright © Please do not copy any of my images or content from this site with out permission from Mistie Strain. If you would like to link to this site or a post feel free as long as proper credit is given. Thank you.
    Then they know your watching and that your on to copy cats.
    Good luck Mistie

  2. well girl,I always try to ask if I can use stuff from people blogs, because I like when they ask me too.but I also know we all take a risk when we put our stuff on blogs; so I think it all come down to ,if you don't want someone to steal your idea you have to protect them.

  3. Yes, I agree, post a comment in your blog telling everyone this site is yours and they have to ask for permission to use anything. Other than that all I can suggest is don't worry about it. You know it is yours and they have to live with the deceit.

  4. I have seen people photoshop their name in the picture and it tends to ward off copy-catters. Also you should think of getting paypal on here too. You could offer your patterns for a small fee and you can put the pattern in a pdf format. A suggestion or two :)