Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ellie's bonnet and booties

So I have finally started a project and finished it in a reasonable amount of time.. I made the little girl we are due to have in Feb , who will be named Ellie a bonnet and a set of booties. I wrote my pattern out and it is now copyrighted and hope to share someday as i Googled crocheted bonnets and found almost none and if certain idea thief posts a pattern similar to mine I m goin to scream. so below im putting up pics of Ellie's Bonnet set.. I also plan on making her a blanket like Maggie's only in the same yarn i made these with..

Bonnet and Booties being modeled by my sisters fist..

bonnet folded in half w/ booties

Booties before folding it down

both booties flat

standing up

Top of bonnet on Rainbow bright doll

side view

side and back


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  1. o how sweet. I wish you would come and teach me how to crochet