Tuesday, December 22, 2009

christmas stockings..

Well last year I made my son , daughter and nephew crocheted Christmas Stockings, This year I made one for our new nephew and am really looking forward to making sweet baby Ellie one next year.. Below are pics of the one's ive made..Miah's is red, Gus's is Green , Colton's is  "john deer" tractor  I found that pattern HERE. and Riley's is multi colored.. other than the tractor they are all my own patterns i made up as i went along.. I crocheted them flat in a t-shape then whip stitched together .. very easy and Riley's was fast. I used a size P hook and 3 strands of yarn.. it only took my about 30 mins all together.. I hope you enjoy them.

miah and gus's hung last year






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