Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a few things ive made in the past but i forgot..

I reckon i forgot to post pics of these things .. not sure why ? 
they are a puppy bib. not finished in this pic.. and my handsome gus modeling a yellow ombre one.


the finish 3 little bears

well i got all three bears done on time and i finished my afghan.. and here are the pics..

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 little bears.

This is the story of the 3 little bears.. I crocheted them each, while all different each single crocheted round done with love . One for my son, the other two for my nephews. Two are completly finished and one is yet to be stuffed. but never the less here are their "mug " shots..

gus's bear

Colton's bear

Riley's bear.(he needs stuffed)

Baby Blankets..

As I was folding Ellie's blanket up I thought about ALL the baby blankets Ive crocheted and thought I would share a pic of Each one with you .. Each one is my own design. one titled Maggie's blanket i used a idea i got from Lion's Brand yarn and posted that pattern HERE.. but the others are my OWN fly by the seat of my pants designs. I have the wrote down SOMEWHERE and they are copyrighted..I hope you enjoy them..

First there was Gus's

Then Jackson's

Then Riley's

 Those two together

Then Maggie's

Then Ellie's

christmas stockings..

Well last year I made my son , daughter and nephew crocheted Christmas Stockings, This year I made one for our new nephew and am really looking forward to making sweet baby Ellie one next year.. Below are pics of the one's ive made..Miah's is red, Gus's is Green , Colton's is  "john deer" tractor  I found that pattern HERE. and Riley's is multi colored.. other than the tractor they are all my own patterns i made up as i went along.. I crocheted them flat in a t-shape then whip stitched together .. very easy and Riley's was fast. I used a size P hook and 3 strands of yarn.. it only took my about 30 mins all together.. I hope you enjoy them.

miah and gus's hung last year






Friday, December 11, 2009

my little gus is 2 !!!

i dont know where the last two years has gone but they have flown by. Today my "baby " turned 2.. it just doesnt seem possible.. he is getting so big and with in the next month will go from being my "baby " to a big brother and the middle Child.. he is just so ADORABLE.. here is a link to pics of him from newborn till today ..

Ellie's blanket is ALMOST done

Well all I have left to do is add the scallop shells to the out side and I am done. here is a pic of it with the border on it.. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

hand made christmas orniments

I made these ornaments for our tree. I think they are really cute.. I am goin to make a bell, candy cane, candle as well. i gathered the patterns from all over the place..

the heart pattern i got HERE.

the angel pattern i got from this site here.

These patterns i got from a Leisure Arts Leaflet #328 from 1984 and oddly enought i paid a dime for it at a yard sale a few weeks ago but the company is from Little Rock ,AR . I only live three hours north of there..

Ellie's blanket update

Well Ive been working on Sweet Ellie's Blanket, I have it the inside all done and sewn together and am working on the border. I am halfway around the blanket on the last row of border before i do the scalloping. Below are a the pics of progression..