Thursday, March 26, 2009

another new project

well Ive broken a cardinal rule of projects.. i started a new one while i have several unfinished ones, my new project is a romper for my Lil boy , currently i also have Easter baskets for my 2 kids and my nephew and 2 sundresses for my little girl, a bib for my son and skirt for my little girl. and a dish cloth from my beginners knitting class.So i have alot to be working i better get going`

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  1. I can relate. Right now I have one project on the go but my mind is already racing to the next crochet creation. I also am new to knitting. Started knitting last year but very basic stitches for now. I also am making a pine needle basket which I want to finish in the next few days. I could not watch TV for a minute without doing a craft, mostly crochet.