Saturday, March 14, 2009

knitting class

well i finally mustarded up enought courage to leave my two little ones with thier daddy and went and took a knitting class, i learned to cast on, knit and pearl. so im practicing , maybe with some practice someday i will be as well of a knitter as i am a crocheter and as fast at knitting as i am at crocheting. im still working on my pink and green wavy set for miah.. also cuttin in to my crochet time is pageant practic time, my two yr old does pageants and LOVES it .. we have one coming up on march 28th and the closer to time the more we have to practice and so excited that she likes pageants ,i did them when i was small and loved it..but this is a crochet blog enough about my GORGOUS i should be stiching and not

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