Monday, March 16, 2009

you might be a crochet addict if.....

OK we've all heard the Jeff foxworthy you might be a redneck if.. jokes well last night my hubby and i were watching the roast of larry the cable guy on comedy central hubby looks at me and said i could make a whole list of you might be a crochet addict if..
#1 you crochet at a restaurant while waiting on your food ( hey i did this Friday night)
#2 you take your crochet in the bathroom with you
#3 you have to buy a bigger purse so you can fit your yarn and wallet in one bag..
#4 you arrive at appointments early so you can crochet in the waiting room.
#5 you spend your entire "allowance" on yarn instead of things like razors and your leg hair is long enough to spin in to
this is just a short list feel free to comment your own you might be a addict if..
i hope you think this is as funny as my hubby did..

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