Sunday, April 5, 2009

easter baskets

well we went to the local dirt track auto races this evening and while my husband and brother watched cars drive in circles.( it can be quite exciting believe it or not) i crocheted on some easter baskets ive been hoping to finish in time. while in town today i stopped by the yarn store and they were having a 50 % off sale on some of their yarns to make room for new stuff. While there i got a ball of crochet thread, and knitting needle and some stitch markers, I was having quite a bit of trouble making my plastic canvis take shape and sewing the pieces together so my easter baskets would be more sturdy, They are for two almost 3yrolds and 16month old and a 3month old, My yarn needle was tofat and the cotton yarn to bulky to fit thru the hole, so i purchased the above mentioned supplies and was elated to find they were a perfect fit (note to self email kathy and let her know ) Kathy and PJ own and operate my new favorite place the yarn store i could disappear in there for hours It is peaceful and quite and there is yarn everywhere along with notions and books and books of patterns it is a Crocheters Heaven.LET ME TELL YOU!! and when the kids are not with me it is BETTET THAN well here is a slide show of my progress, some are just waiting on handles and others need more work . and the little yellow one is going to be a differnent kind all together, Im crocheting it like a beanie hat then just adding a handle for my 3 month old nephew. let me know what you think,, i m consisdering crocheting a round coaster type bottem for them or i may just run out of time and let them be "naked"
Let me know what you think of them..

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  1. They are beautiful. Good for you. I am sure the kids will love them. Happy crocheting