Friday, April 10, 2009

open work night

open work night at our local yarn store is a thursday night one a month, i have never attended one until last night , Im so glad i went, not only did i get TWO hrs of crochet time undisturbed by kids and hubby. but i also met a PUBLISHED free lance crochet designer named Renee Barnes her Lovely Ruffles Shawl pattern was plublished in Crochet Worlds April Issue. She teaches the crochet classes at the yarn store. We had a lovely chat and she helped me work on a pattern idea I had for my little girls skirt and showed me how to do the new "chainless crochet" technique, So it was very informative and relaxing few hours. So im hoping when i get the skirt finished i can get it published and make my dream of being a crochet designer a reality, and sell my crocheted things on etsy. I also discoverd this am that i am expecting baby #3 due sometime in october or november , Tomarrow is my oldest 3rd birtday, where did the time go?? She is growing up so fast and little gus was 16 months old today. Well I need to go finish one easter basket and sew on some cloth diapers for gus. I hope everyone has a happy easter..

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