Monday, February 2, 2009

i am the crazy crochet chic

well i LOVE To crochet.. thanks to my grandma gourley who showed me how when i was eight yrs old.. never really could quite get the hang of it.. then when i first met my husband he bought me a book from wal-mart. called i taught my self to crochet.. and shortly after we were married i found out i was expecting our first baby and was on bed rest for FIVE months ..while on bed rest i crocheted alot.and now it is my obsesion.. that and shopping but that is a whole nother so i named my blog Crochet Couture Inc. the business I use to sell my things... i take it everywhere i go. except church.. ive crochet in wal mart at a rodeo and a truck pull and many other public places.. it embarasses my hubby but i dont care..

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