Wednesday, February 4, 2009

no power.. ARRR

ahh.. im so tired and worn out.. i would not have made a very good settlers wife.. i hate boiling water to do dishes, give baths ect.. the generator we have eats gas like a fat chick does big macs.. wait.. i think im craving a big mac..LOL.. still NO power, water or phone.. it did work now it dont. but my dsl works.. figure that one out... and when i went out to put wood in the stove a little bit ago i steped on a board witha rusty nail on it and it went strait in to my big toe.. hurts like hell .. i put soem terpentine on it since im allergic to the tetnis shot.. so now im sitting with my foot so trying to keep a postive attitude..but that is difficult when you have 10 bucks to your name and are almost out of everything ie, gas for the generator, gas in the car, all the food in the fridge is ruined and what is ok in the fridge and freezer is microwavable and you cant use that with out power..ahh... <<

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