Thursday, February 26, 2009

yay the yarn is here..

well today my yarn arrived and i couldn't wait to bust open the pack and start finishing my little girls skirt, i ripped out the "ugly" brown in the church parking lot while waiting on my mother in law and kids to arrive so we could attend services .. and got to work on replacing the stitches, i also finished Gussy's toy block today and started a 2nd sundress for princess miah.. im goin to start a bib for king gus in the am.. and im trying to upload some pics of these projects for yall as i type .. i'll post them in another blog.. as well as this pain in my ass pattern i dont understand.. i need someone who can explain it in blonde terms.. ive never tryed to follow a pattern before and did i pick a dousy to start with .. jeesh..

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  1. Mistie, send me a copy of the pattern and I will help you get through it. I have crocheted for 30 years using patterns. I can crochet anything because I learned right from the start with a pattern