Saturday, February 14, 2009

we finally have power

well i got my power back on thursday night.. thank goodness. so im relieved that it is back on but overwhelmed with all the catch up im playing.. i have done several loads of laundry, i have filled 3 clothes lines in the back yard and have been running the dryer almost none stop. i have been folding and putting it in baskets to be put away another day, Today i got all my dishes caught up but still have around 8 loads of dirty laundry to wash and dry .. i have 3 loads on the lines and a load in the dryer to be one ever told me when i be came a mom how much laundry a one and two yr old can dirty in just 16 days..geesh.well things are slowly getting back to normal but with all my house work to do i dont have as much time to scratch my itch to crochet so ive been staying up later than i should be to sneek in a stitch here or there, im currently workin on a heart for v-day (which is tommarow) , a skirt and a sundress for my 2yr old and i have the yarn to start a sweater for my 1yr old .. i just can seem to find a good pattern for the sundress.. anyideas let meknow..

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  1. Hi I just came across your blog...what an ordeal with no electric and yes, children dirty lots of clothes. I love the names you chose for your children.

    click on this website you may find a sundress and a few other things you like.

    gloria in Boston. Stop by and my blog and say hello anytime....